Our Little Fosters: Jiji and Pepper

Dec 03 2017 Cats Charity Fosters Fundraiser Jiji Pepper

Our Little Fosters: Jiji and Pepper

Jiji and Pepper came to me via a coworker: he recently had to evict one of his tenants and the tenant left behind both cats. I offered to take Jiji and Pepper since my coworker has a dog that doesn't get along well with cats.

When I went to pick them up I saw some of the conditions they were living in - an apartment that needs to be gutted because of the sheer filth and destruction left behind. Layers of dirt and grime, an overflowing litter box, the entire apartment reeked of smoke and urine - it was truly horrific. I can't imagine animals living in this place, let alone people.

My plan was to work with a few local rescues in my are to find Jiji and Pepper their forever homes and I would foster them temporarily. Unfortunately, the rescues were hit hard by a distemper outbreak this year. Many do not have the funds, or space, to take on new animals right now. To add insult to injury, Jiji and Pepper don't seem to have been socialized very well - both are very timid, skittish cats. They are (we think) three years old, and neither of them seems to do well with human interaction. They have a long road ahead of them in regards to socialization before the rescue organizations would even consider taking them on, since non-sociable cats have a much harder time being adopted out and "take up space" from more adoptable cats.

So we're caught in a catch-22. If the rescue organizations were able to take Jiji and Pepper, they would be able to get their spay/vaccinations/bloodwork done as well as their wellness visit. But they won't take Jiji and Pepper until they're socialized. I'm certainly more than willing to spend the time and effort as a foster to socialize them, but socialization could take months - this would mean that their wellness visit/spay/vaccinations/bloodwork would have to wait months. But medical care can't wait months - we need to know if they have treatable or untreatable conditions for their long-term outlook (such as FeLIV/Leukemia), and get them vaccinated as soon as possible. So it falls on me to get these little fosters the care they deserve - Jiji and Pepper can't wait for the rescue organizations to provide assistance.

So this is where you come in. Any donation you can provide will go towards Jiji and Pepper's wellness visit, and their spay/bloodwork/vaccinations. I have a breakdown below of the costs below, if you would like to donate wholly or in-part to any part of the specific costs.

Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts,
Rachael, Jiji, and Pepper

Wellness Visit - Jiji: $75(Wolcott Vet, seen by Dr. Merza)
Wellness Visit - Pepper: $75 (Wolcott Vet, seen by Dr. Merza)
Spay/Rabies/Distemper - Jiji: $125 (Provided by New Hope clinic)
Spay/Rabies/Distemper - Pepper: $125 (Provided by New Hope clinic)
FeLIV/Leukemia test - Jiji: $35 (Provided by New Hope clinic)
FeLIV/Leukemia test - Pepper: $35 (Provided by New Hope clinic)
Revolution Treatment - Jiji: $15 (Provided by New Hope clinic)
Revolution Treatment - Pepper: $15 (Provided by New Hope clinic)
Microchip - Jiji: $20 (Provided by New Hope clinic)
Microchip - Pepper: $20 (Provided by New Hope clinic)