About White Whisker Studios

Founded in 2015, White Whisker Studios combines the science of color with the passion of tradition. All fiber crafts are steeped in tradition - we take fiber and spin it into yarn, and then we take that yarn and knit, crochet, or weave. We embellish with embroidery and crewel. We move beyond the necessity of clothing into art, and combine both art and necessity to create beautiful garments, wall hangings, rugs, blankets, amigurumi... all while investing of ourselves into our projects. Each thing we make - start to finish - carries a part of our hopes and dreams. It helps us through tough times in our lives. It helps us connect back through history to those that come before us, and it propels us forward into our future - leaving little bits of ourselves for future generations to connect with. 

Here at White Whisker Studios, we want to help you on your journey by offering you quality yarns, fibers, supplies and gifts so that you can create your own traditions. This way, you can spend more time doing the things that you love, with your loved ones.